I’ve been Spooled

•October 26, 2008 • 8 Comments

Thanks to Neal for re- touching this image for me.We all could learn a thing or two from him.



•October 23, 2008 • 12 Comments

Another beach shot from my rainy weekend down south.Have been going through all my shots and deleting them by the dozen as my tripod had broken and was held together by a wing nut!!Broken tripod=out of focus shots.Oh well after i nearly wore out the delete button i had one that i could save so here it is.Need to get out and shoot as i have nothing to post.

All is ok now….I think

•October 19, 2008 • 3 Comments

Well i guess it had to happen to me one day and it finally did.My lap top is dead!!Well it is dead for now anyway untill i take it to the laptop hospital.But all is going to be ok as i am on my new PC that i have just had built and thanks to my IT guy Josh all is not lost.Will be able to post again soon when i sort out all my photos and get it all working.See you all soon.

The old days

•October 13, 2008 • 11 Comments

Thought I would play around with a little sepia today and I thought it worked well for this image.The landscape was a little busy and was shot late morning so colours were a little to strong.After a lot of desaturation and adding a tone this is what happened!Black and white landscapes are not my thing so give me any tips if you got them.About a 8 image stitch I think.

Something a little vertical…

•October 6, 2008 • 16 Comments


Was feeling like giving something a little vertical a try today and this is what happened.After realising that I always forget something with these vertical panos I finally found one that would work.It was only 4 images but i thought it was kinda cool.There is hope for my vertical panos yet!!


•October 2, 2008 • 8 Comments

After all the beautiful Freo images I have being seeing on Jamie’s blog I decided to have a look at some I had shot earlier this year.Having trouble getting rid of the colour cast I seem to get when I stack my Cokin filters.Oh well not too long till i get my Lee ones.5 image stitch 50mm.


•September 29, 2008 • 8 Comments

Just got back from the weekend in Dongara.As you can see there was not a cloud in the sky for days.Never the less spent all the time on the quads in the dunes and the rest of the time on a drive inland to look at some of this years wildflower display.The flowers were so pretty this year.Have driven past this tree so many times(usually in the dark )while driving up north that I thought this time I would go there in the day time.Unfortunately is was not really the winning shot but never the less it is one off my list.