Perth Zoo


Haven’t had a chance to get out and do any landscapes for quite some time now, what i have been doing is kids birthday parties and the the trip to the zoo for Max’s 5Th birthday!Over the coming posts i will put up some animal shots starting off with this cool guy!I had to shoot through very dirty child finger and nose smudged glass to get this one.Turned out not too bad considering i think.Hope you like him…I do.


~ by Mel on December 1, 2008.

7 Responses to “Perth Zoo”

  1. Nice shot Mel. He looks stoned, love the colour

  2. Hi Mel, Love the framing and lighting on this shot (better than trying to get the whole iguana in. Good work.

  3. Take your nose off the glass next time Mel 😉

    Nice close up and pov Mel, could do with a fraction darkening of the body to bring out the texture a little more.

  4. very cool mel considering u (as neal said) had ur nose on the window…. its not as funny the second time… damn haha

  5. Hey guys thanks for the comments.Neal i just might try the body darkening thing a little,but i just can’t help being one of the kids! heheheh

  6. Cool shot Mel nice and sharp ,
    Reminds me of Jub – Jub of the simpsons

  7. nice shot.
    looks great with the DOF and dark back ground.
    really jumps out at you!

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