Swan River



After spending an evening standing in the swan river getting attacked by a crab and the blow fish nibbling at my toes, I had a visit from these these guys!They turned out better than my landscape so I thought I would try a bit of a different editing style and put them up for you to see.


~ by Mel on November 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Swan River”

  1. I really like the PS work on this Mel.
    However I dont really like the crooked horizon… 😦
    Very sharp foreground! Well Done

  2. Cool,thanks Dylan.I fixed it up a bit hows this?

  3. nice shot Mel ,
    There friendly little buggers arnt they
    There all ways coming up to people on the river i think they must be use to getting feed

  4. Yeah your not wrong they were so friendly.

  5. like the look Mel, how would it look square?

  6. Don’t know i will give it a try.Cheers Christian.

  7. Very nice Mel. Love that water. I agree with Christian. A square crop, or even 2:3 crop would fill the frame more.

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