Reb Bull Air Race 2008

Another great year at the Red Bull Air race and the first one that i managed to actually get to!Shot this one from the foreshore in South Perth.The next image is for Jamie as he just loved this helicopter and kept saying all day “Hey guys look at that”.Had a great time and it was great to finally meet that little guy Jamie,  Xavier is real cute!!


~ by Mel on November 4, 2008.

10 Responses to “Reb Bull Air Race 2008”

  1. I’m not little. 😉

  2. Your cute too Jamie but it was Xavier i ment.I fixed it up so it sounds a little better.

  3. The first photo is great – you’ve captured the plane with the two pylones in the background, which really provides the context for teh plane.

  4. Lol. The photos with his little hat on were awesome. A special thanks for the great shot of the helicopter, its no secret that the only reason I go to the air race each year is to see that helicopter.


  5. Thanks Martin.
    I knew that pic was going to be a good one!!You should put it on the blog so everyone can see that little spunk in his hat.

  6. Mel thats great. I like the second one as im more of a fan of choppers. They go up and down and the blades go round and round!

  7. love the first image! I would like to see some more dramatic editing done though, maybe something like Christians little wordpress image of this plane!

  8. great work.
    very nice compositions for both, especially the first!
    great action shot

  9. Thanks everyone,it was a pretty good day!

  10. Very cool Mel, how close is that wing to the white cone thingy … nice timing.

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