Another beach shot from my rainy weekend down south.Have been going through all my shots and deleting them by the dozen as my tripod had broken and was held together by a wing nut!!Broken tripod=out of focus shots.Oh well after i nearly wore out the delete button i had one that i could save so here it is.Need to get out and shoot as i have nothing to post.


~ by Mel on October 23, 2008.

12 Responses to “Driftwood”

  1. i was waiting for someone to upload one of these shots….. i love it mel, maybe the ocean should have a bit more colour…..but other wise its great!!

  2. Nice POV of view mel , Love the texture in the wood

  3. Love this shot too Mel. Yes, when are we gonna get some more shots for our blogs??

  4. I love this photo Mel !! Good work

  5. Yeah Clint this turned out ok.Pov could have been a bit better.
    Jayne,any day soon!
    Thanks Gem.

  6. wicked foreground interest Mel.
    very nice shot

  7. very cool Mel, a little selective accents on and around the driftwood would drag ones eye further into the image.

  8. shoot us am email Mel Spool1968(at)yahoo.com

  9. Great texture Mel, and good detail captured in the foreground.
    Whilst I was away I was looking the idyllic piece of driftwood, and noticed there wasnt as much driftwood as there used to be. A conclusion I made was because it has been drought conditions for over a decade now, there has been not as many floods and not enough freshwater to flush debris through the estuaries.

  10. Nice one Mel. I was wondering when you would get around to uploading this shot. I remember seeing it on your laptop. I really like the tones throughout the shot. They all complement one another. It feels as if I was standing right there next to you when you took it. 🙂

  11. Nice shot Mel, but I can see some obvious cloning in the water… 🙂

  12. Thanks you guys.
    Funny you should say that Luke I felt like you were there too!

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