All is ok now….I think

Well i guess it had to happen to me one day and it finally did.My lap top is dead!!Well it is dead for now anyway untill i take it to the laptop hospital.But all is going to be ok as i am on my new PC that i have just had built and thanks to my IT guy Josh all is not lost.Will be able to post again soon when i sort out all my photos and get it all working.See you all soon.


~ by Mel on October 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “All is ok now….I think”

  1. You gotta love that IT guy! Hope your laptop’s not away too long. Did you manage to get all the data off before it died? How’s the new PC?

  2. well its gotta happen….. it happened to me not long ago…… guess what me and bree have new laptops!!! sexy 17inch Mac Book Pro’s!!!! they are sooo good

  3. No all the data is still on it,but i got all the pics out i think.As for you Clint how cute his and hers mac books!!Oops sorry mac book PRO’s.

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