The old days

Thought I would play around with a little sepia today and I thought it worked well for this image.The landscape was a little busy and was shot late morning so colours were a little to strong.After a lot of desaturation and adding a tone this is what happened!Black and white landscapes are not my thing so give me any tips if you got them.About a 8 image stitch I think.


~ by Mel on October 13, 2008.

11 Responses to “The old days”

  1. Mel, I think it has worked real well. It does look old. I used to live out at Millbrook Farm. My friends father owns or did own all this land. I shot my first wedding there around this Mill about 16 years ago. I know the exact date I moved into an old house at the very top of the hill. It was September 11 and we had just heard that the planes had been crashed into the world trade centre. Freaky day, one we will never forget I guess.

  2. Very very cool Mel, looks like a barn one would see in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains. I’d like to see the edges a little darker, especially on either site of the stream in the foreground edges.

  3. Thanks Christian.I just love it there I could of stayed ther all day.You bet know one will ever forget that day….I thought the world was comming to and end.

  4. Cheers Neal,thanks for the tip I will give it try.

  5. Brilliant nostalgic look and feel and it works well. Like it!
    I would paint a bit more light onto the house to really spotlight it, and like Neal suggests I would really darken the edges.

  6. nice shot Mell , has a really rustic old look to it

  7. nice shot mel…. atleast u got some good shots from the farm….aka “the Secret Spot” hahaha really like it well done!!

  8. And now because of Christian we know the location. 😉

  9. Thanks Flemming,Kirk and Clint.
    It’s ok Jamie I have no secrets among freiends.hahahaah Yeah good on ya christian.

  10. great shot Mel.
    really works well as ya header image too!

  11. Oh No! Christian spilt the beans on your secret location! Very nice work on this one Mel. I really like it. The sepia tone works extremely well.

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