Something a little vertical…


Was feeling like giving something a little vertical a try today and this is what happened.After realising that I always forget something with these vertical panos I finally found one that would work.It was only 4 images but i thought it was kinda cool.There is hope for my vertical panos yet!!


~ by Mel on October 6, 2008.

16 Responses to “Something a little vertical…”

  1. I like this shot Mel, nice colours 🙂

  2. Thanks Gem.I think it would look great in your house!heheheh

  3. N?ice shot
    Like the colors in this shot Mel ,

  4. This works well as a vertical Mel – I love the soft pastel colours throughout the image.

  5. Thanks guys,I’m really into these colours at the moment.

  6. Yeah great shot mel
    Four images for a vertical stitch is plenty. Often I only end up with three but you can still print them big as hell.
    I got a cott canvas print at 70 inches that is perfect and could easily go bigger.

    Did anyone come away with any photos from saturday?

  7. How do you resize it to that size without losing image quality?
    No i did not even get my camera out of the bag.Maybe Jamie got a couple but i don’t know.

  8. nice shot mel, where do u get ur canvas shots done??

  9. If you meen printed to canvas i have never had any done.

  10. Hi Mel,

    This is certainly a keeper. Nah, I didn;t get any shots at all, I was just trying to get everyone into the mood. 😉 I racking my brain trying to think of a cool place to shoot this weekend.

    Jamie Paterson

  11. Thanks Jamie.I’m keen for a shoot if you think of somewhere.Let me know.

  12. really great shot Mel.
    very easy on the eye. it’s an image that will continue to grow on you in time i feel

  13. Hi Mel,

    I’ll have to see what the ‘little terrorist’ is up to. If he behaves I’ll take off and shot somewhere.


  14. finally this blog is no longer dead.
    Great shot. Love the clouds.

  15. Thanks Sean, gee if you think it is dead i better get something else up straight away!hehehe

  16. Beautiful light and clouds!

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