After all the beautiful Freo images I have being seeing on Jamie’s blog I decided to have a look at some I had shot earlier this year.Having trouble getting rid of the colour cast I seem to get when I stack my Cokin filters.Oh well not too long till i get my Lee ones.5 image stitch 50mm.


~ by Mel on October 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “Fremantle”

  1. nice Mel, subdued colours look good, think you could add some white to the image though, how is your histogram?

  2. Thanks! yeah I’m really into these subdued colours at the moment.As far as the white goes histo what?????I’m probably the only person who doesn’t really understand them.Any tips?

  3. I have just put together my fishing boat harbour shot from one of the jet lagged mornings after the states. Not as nice as this though!

  4. Very nice Mel, I think you’ve done well to get rid of the cast. The pastel colours left look great.

  5. Nice shot , like the pastel colours
    I get the same problem with my cokins as well I guess you cant complain with the cost of them .
    Just have to wait till i get my lees as well

  6. Thanks Kirk,it was great to catch up with you again last night.We will have to all do it again soon on a day with better light.

  7. But that means then that we can’t invite Clint. LOL

  8. Yeah we can he doesn’t wreck the light all the time….

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