Rock pool

Well I finally got something up on this blog from the weekend.Have now calibrated my screen(cheers Luke) so have had to re edit a few of my shots that I had edited over the weekend.Still don’t know if it is right as I feel it maybe a little green?Well anyway took this down south on the weekend in between showers and stopping the tripod getting blown off the rock.Tell me what you recon about the colour that you see on your calibrated monitors.


~ by Mel on September 18, 2008.

17 Responses to “Rock pool”

  1. Nah i think it looks great mel….. cant wait to get there when its not windy as hell….. congrats everything in focus looks like the “wingnut” worked hahaha

  2. Thanks Clint.Good old wingnut!!Are you coming tonight?

  3. Nice shot!
    Doesn’t look to green to me.
    Although my screen hasn’t been calibrated in a while. haha

  4. nah i cant make it 2nite mel…. going to mate place then work….. then no sleep and pick up bree!!!!!
    Whens the next shot coming online???

  5. Very nice shot! looks fine on my monitor, although that hasnt been calibrated in about 3 months. I really cant be stuffed.

    Do you use filters?

  6. Thanks for stopping by guys.
    Clint I don’t know just as soon as I sort Jayne out on her blog.Sean yes I do.

  7. Looks fine over here. I can’t see any green cast in the sky. Looks all good. Are you questioning the calibration Mel?

  8. Yes i was cause everthing looked so strange.Took my laptop to jayne’s and saw that her screen is the same.I never questioned you just the scren.Thanks again.

  9. it looks pretty good to me Mel.
    really fabulous shot. the rocks really stand out from the image, creating a lovely sense of depth throughout

  10. Looks fine to me , cant see any green it Mel ,
    Love the beachs down south with these rocks could just photography them all day

  11. i love this photo mel it makes me want to go there!!

  12. Love it!

  13. Very nice shot and looks good to me. A slight greenish tint on some of the rocks, maybe warm the white balance just a bit?

  14. Beautiful shot.

  15. Thanks everyone!This is one of my favourite shots so far.Might be the one i finallly take to a real lab to get printed.Thanks Flemming i will try that.

  16. Top image Mel – the water looks amazing !

  17. With the weather like it was you never would have thought so.

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