Down south here I come!!

Only 2 more sleeps till I go yippee.I can’t wait I’m like a kid 2 nights before Christmas it is ridiculous.


~ by Mel on September 10, 2008.

10 Responses to “Down south here I come!!”

  1. have a great trip down south Mel

  2. Nice shot Mel. The grain in the timber is a nice little touch. I think I may be heading down south for the weekend also. Not 100% sure though. Depends how buggered I am after work on Friday. Hope the conditions are good down there for you. Particularly if I also decide to head down 🙂

  3. Yeah thanks guys.Luke if your heading down and wanna catch up I will be going with Jayne and Clint as well,let us know.

  4. yeah nice shot!
    I wish i was goin down too!
    Hope you get some nice weather!

  5. Me too…… one more sleep hahahaha…… hope it doesnt rain to much

  6. I know have you seen the forcast?It looks so bad.

  7. Safe driving look forward to see the pics on your return.

  8. Mel, if I head down I am definitely keen to meet up. At the moment it looks about 50/50 chance of going down. It is going to be pretty wild down there, which is great…. sort of.

  9. Hi Mel just found your blog through Christian Fletcher’s. You have some great stuff particularly like the this shot. Hope you had or are still having a great time down south.

  10. Thanks for stopping by Hazel.The weekend was great but the weather was not so great.

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