The last few days of sunshine here in Perth have been so beautiful I just can’t wait for summer.All it seems to do is rain and rain!Hope the sunshine lasts for my days down south next weekend and the rain stays away.Will be great to get something new to put on this boring blog.When all else fails post a macro on the blog!


~ by Mel on September 3, 2008.

8 Responses to “Sunshine”

  1. Nice shot Mel.
    very nice composition and the whole flower is pretty damn sharp.

  2. very very nice!

  3. Nice shot. Not sure about that rain and rain comment ……we’ve just had one of the driest August’s on record and the annual average is well down!!!

  4. Thanks guys.Ok maybe we havn’t had that much rain but I just hate winter:)

  5. nice shot mell like the composition .
    What macro lens are you using , have all ways wanted to try it but never have

  6. Yeah cheers Kirk,I have the canon fixed 100mm macro I think it has a 1:1 ratio.It takes a nice normal pic as well.

  7. great composition. some little water drops would have looked good. I use a spray bottle and give them a squirt. works well. Nice light too. would look good in my collection!!

  8. Oh finally, one of my prints worthy of being in the Fletch collection!

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