Went out for an early shoot this morning hoping to get a good sky, but it was not that great.I am really board with all my stuff at the moment and have no time to do anything new…it sucks!!There is light at the end of my tunnel as I go down south in 3 weeks so that will be very cool.Any way this is a 5 image stitch taken from the groin at Cott.Never shot there before a bit of a pain with all the people getting in and out of the water and in and out of my shot but never the less patience prevailed and I ended up with this.Not too bad I had hoped for better.


~ by Mel on August 27, 2008.

9 Responses to “Cottesloe”

  1. nice shot mel… sorry couldnt make it… bloody work…. is the pole in the water falling down?? or stitch problem….. havnt been there for awhile

  2. Nice shot Mel ,
    Yeah there always seem to be people about early monring at the beachs .
    Had the same problem in sydney was up early getting shots of the baths at the beach at 530am and there were people coming and swimming at that time even though it must have been about 5 degrees 😦 had to wait for break between swimmers
    Also notice what Clint said is the pole falling over or just a stitch ?
    Havent been there for a while

  3. I understand if they stay in the water and swim,but all these people seem to do is go in and get out.I don’t understand why?If you have made the effort to go for a swim then at least stay for a little while!I don’t think it is a stitch problem,that is the way the pole is these days.

  4. hahahaha i fully agree mel….. and only strange ppl swim at 6am and a freezing cold day hahaha

  5. great shot Mel.
    i like how you’ve composed it with all water along the bottom. i think i prefer it this way to most other cott pics where it’s got a bit of sand in the foreground.

  6. Nice one Mel.
    Great composition.
    And the stitching of the water is great.

  7. Nice one Mel, clean, clear shot. I like the subtle pastel like tones.

  8. Thanks everyone πŸ™‚

  9. Great shot Mel and also this looks like an original composition as well.

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