Have had nothing new to edit because i have been confined to my house.Was going through some more old jpegs and wanted to share this place with everyone.i took this at Christmas time while on holiday at Denham.I took it in the middle of the day when it was about 44 degrees.I lacked a lot of sky detail and even more because it is a jpeg.After reading a post on Flemming’s blog about black and white and the middle of the day i though that i might try it to this image.So this is it, black and white verses colour what do you think?


~ by Mel on August 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Peron”

  1. Hi Mel, I definitely prefer the colour version. Too much detail is lost in the B & W. Can’t wait to get to the SW to get some new pics to work on.

  2. I prefer the B&W hands down. I think the colour is a bit intense and males the area look to new.

  3. I think I like the B&W version over the color. Maybe with a little more range in the B&W it may look a little more dramatic, if that is what you where after?

  4. I prefer the BW version myself. Perhaps due to the exposure being ‘evened out’ a bit more as the high contrast and intense saturation of the colour version doesn’t quite hit the spot for me….each to their own of course though !

  5. I like the B&W as well Mell even though i love that red dirt .

    Have you tried putting an slight layer over color over the B&W one to keep little bit color in the ground ? As love the color of the dirt but the shed works better in black and white .

  6. Quite surreal and lovely. Great work.

  7. haha. I was up at Noble falls yesterday and also photographed the same spot as your header but didn’t realise it was the same place until now!

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