Little house on the prairie

Went out on Sunday morning with Clint,Gary,Bree and Jayne(Who both need to start a blog) up to hills.Morning went well with the abrupt turnaround for this shot.It was a moment of opportunity for this photo before the fog rolled in.This was a 4 image stitch only one less than the Murdoch ED had to put in my foot after getting a 3 inch spike embedded in my ankle.I was admitted and then released after surgery.Oh well I got the shot!!


~ by Mel on July 21, 2008.

18 Responses to “Little house on the prairie”

  1. Great shot, Mel. Nice processing… Ouch, 3 stitches!
    You should definitely encourage them to start up a blog – the more of us that there are the better!

  2. I meant 5 stitches, I think :p

  3. nice shot mel ,
    Like how you included the fence line
    Sorry to here about your foot ouch 😦

  4. Yeah thanks guys,foot is getting better 🙂

  5. Great job mel, that fence line looks great….. rest that foot

  6. P.S. Jayne i know your reading this MAKE A BLOG!!! hahah 🙂

  7. Great shot Mel. Hope your foot gets better soon.

  8. Beautiful shot Mel. Although there is fog in the shot I can feel the warmth of the sunlight. Well balanced shot.
    Heal fast!

  9. Nice shot Mel, sorry to hear about the leg, hope its better soon.

  10. Looks like the ankle is going to be A ok in a few days, will be back to shooting in know time.

  11. Nice shot Mel! The wound is for the love!

  12. Stunning shot, you couldn’t really pick this for being in Western Australia.
    Great work

  13. Thanks everyone just took my stiches out myself and all is well might be up for a shoot as early as tomorow!!!:)

  14. nice pic, I think you could add to the drama by adding a solid colour like black and rubbing back areas you want to expose. A bit of opacity adjustment and it could really zing! just a thought! Good to see a 3 inch spike can’t stop you, women are tough, I guess they have the babies hey!

  15. Thanks i will give it a go and post later.I’m not sure exactly what you mean but will have a go.:)

  16. I lurrrve anything farm related, pure nostalgia for me as I grew up on a farm and this is a super nice shot!!! Composition is great, the fence is a good leading line and the quality of the light is excellent with a nice mixture of fog and sunshine. Some painting with light as CF suggests could enhance it even further but it’s already very nice.

  17. Thanks Flemming, I have painted with light a bit already do you have any tips as this is new to me and any help of how to improve this image would be great.:)

  18. love this photo Mel, can’t beat the relaxed country feel, it looks so peaceful. You probably weren’t feeling these emotions when you had a stake in your foot though 🙂

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