As much as I like black and white geee I still love colour.


~ by Mel on July 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “Colour”

  1. Nice Mel.
    Excellent DOF.
    I like both the grayscale and colour versions.

  2. You’ve got a good shot either way!
    and most importantly it looks natural!

  3. I like both, but think I prefer the colour one. Couldn’t give you a reason why, though.

    I’ve got a similar photo taken from a bit further right. I was balancing on one of the stepping stones and had a few people look at me strangely.

  4. Don’t worry I had my tripod in the water and someone say “what’s there what are you taking a photo of?” I looked like a total idot!Oh well all for the love of photography.

  5. Nice shot Mel ,
    I personally prefer the color version , but probally just becuase im not to keen on Black and white photos .

  6. yeah colour for me too.

  7. Nice close up of the falls.
    Great composition

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