My favourite place

This is my favourite place in the whole world,Monkey Mia.Early in the morning before all the tourists and the hundreds of people that come to see the dolphins it is a calm and tranquil place.Standing on the end of this jetty looking out on a morning like this makes me feel like I could be the only person alive.This is a single image shot with my old camera about a year ago today.I love this place when it look s like this,a sight that is not often seen by people just stopping in for the day.


~ by Mel on June 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “My favourite place”

  1. Hi Mel, I really love this shot. Really mystical. All it needs is a dolphin or mermaid peeking its head out from around the jetty.

  2. Excellent photo!

  3. Nice shot Mel,
    I love the horizon, almost seamless.

    Well done.

  4. Nice shot MEl

  5. thanks its a great place i recomend you all go there one day!!

  6. I really like the soft tones in this one. Keep pulling out these old gems.

  7. I love this photo Mel !!

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