Another old jpeg that I stumbled across.This was one of my very first long exposures taken last year.It is a single image not a stitch(only cause i didn’t know how back then) of the Decoy at sunset.I like the misty dreamy feel it has.


~ by Mel on June 25, 2008.

13 Responses to “Decoy”

  1. Hi Mel,

    I bet you wish you had started shooting RAW ages ago. 😉

    Jamie Paterson

  2. Yeah like about 2 years ago.. What was I thinking??????

  3. Wow what a shot……. i have a shot like this, well from the same angle, no where near as good.
    Well Done

  4. Great shot Mel. I think the top of the St. Georges building is missing though!

  5. Thanks I love it too.

  6. You are right Dylan I replaced the sky in this shot along time ago when my phtoshop skills were limited and couldn’t get that bit in.I shouldn’t be so lazy and re edit it I supose.

  7. Nice shot Mel ,
    I like the feel to this shot ,
    I think with a reedit on the sky it would look great

  8. When’s all this reno going to finish?? Can you get out early over the weekend to maybe go to Freo. I;d love to reshoot the maritime museum. Nice shot by the way.

  9. This reno is never going to end but I can tell you that I will be moving soon and the camera and you will consume my life again very soon!!We maybe could go early sat morning before the reno?

  10. Nice shot Mel, it kind of reminds me of a Thomas the Tank Engine set with the soft pastels. Just need a big face on the front of the boat. Well done.

    Thanks for the nice comments too.

  11. like the soft pastel colors treatment you have given this Mel.

  12. Very different, I like!

  13. Thanks everyone!

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