Haven’t been able to get my hands on my camera for about 2 weeks now and I am going CRAZY!!!! We are renovating at the moment and start at daylight and finish at night.No time for photography just sanding and painting sanding and painting.So I thought i would edit some of my old pictures.They all were shot in jpeg at low quality like everything I did up until about 3 months ago so this is a 2 image stitch a bit crap but is was  a great night of beach fishing at Dongara.


~ by Mel on June 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “Dongara”

  1. Nice shot Mel ,
    I like the colors and the movment in the water
    still came out pretty good considering it was in JPG .
    Yeah It sucks when you cant get out to take any shot

  2. Stunning shot Mel, I’m a big fan of these simple sunset shots, as long as there is some foreground interest which in this case there is.

  3. Mel this is a ripper!!! I love it! So simple, with great colours, great water movement! You gotta be happy with the photo, but maybe not the file quality! haha
    Keep it up!


  4. Thanks guys.Yeah sometimes the simple things in life are often the best ….I love this place.

  5. Great work Mel,
    I love the simplicity of the shot, and you have captured the awesome colours extremely well.

    Great Work.

  6. Great shot mel, like everyone said so simple yet you have made it look great well done

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