Down south

After a day filled with rain rain and more rain there was nothing else to do except sit and photoshop stuff from the past.This was shot down south back in the days when I shot one photo in jpeg and tried to fit it all in.I know it sounds crazy to me now to!!The image is not that great maybe it’s the jpeg or maybe it is just me but every time I look at it I get annoyed that I didn’t know what I know now on that day cause it truly was magic.


~ by Mel on June 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “Down south”

  1. It is a really amazing shot. Pitty about the poor file quality.
    I think the left hand area of the ramp is a bit out of focus.
    I can’t wait to get back down south, I didn’t get to shoot this ramp while I was there last time so its on my list!

  2. I know it is very frustrating arhhhhhh!Cause I love this photo.

  3. This is actually the best photo of this jetty that I have ever seen!
    I’m actually frustrated for you about the file quality.

  4. Great shot Mel ,
    Love the colors in it must have been an amazing sunset .
    Well theres all ways next time your down that way 🙂

  5. It’s a super gorgeous shot!!! Love the jetty, the colours and the composition. Absolutely nothing wrong with one shot compositions in my book though! It’s a real shame about the picture quality, would be fairly hard to re-shoot shit with that light and cloudscape! It should still print alright at smaller sizes though.

  6. Thanks guys it truly was an amazing morning and I will be better prepared for the next time I get one like this.

  7. Hi Mel,
    Have just been revisiting my shots from that morning. It was pretty awesome. If only…

  8. Mel, I have just linked to you from my site. Lets see if you get some more traffic your way.

  9. Thanks, can’t wait to see my numbers GROW!!

  10. They will! I get emails from people across the world, and when I ask how they found my site… it’s usually through Christians blog!!!

    So get ready for it! haa

  11. Ready!

  12. Mel I love the colours in this photo !!

  13. Lovely colors in this image Mel. Just found your blog through CF’s site so there ya go its working already 😉

  14. Hi Mel
    Stunning shot, amazing colours!

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