Ninja Ninja Ninja

OK I have thought about this and thought about this and have decided to announce it to the whole world…..I have a new love besides my family and CS3 and that is for my new Nodal Ninja.Got up yesterday morning(well it was more like night) with my also crazy photo friend Jayne and went down to Freo to see what there was to see and shot this.I also shot the museum and the rest of fishing boat harbour and will post them later.Was pretty happy with these but still can’t get that drama in the sky like I want.Can any one help?


~ by Mel on June 9, 2008.

9 Responses to “Ninja Ninja Ninja”

  1. I think the clouds just lack a bit of contrast. Maybe try adding some new layers with different layer modes, and mask out the bottom half…. Or maybe a curves layer will help…

  2. Love how this image turned out Mel. Was definately worth the freezing early morning start. How’d the museum shot finish up? I’ll have to do a re-shoot, missed half the wall on the LHS… maybe next weekend???

  3. Hi Mel,
    Great shot, really well done.
    I have edited your image with a new layer to spunk up the sky a bit. It is just a multiply layer but I feathered the top section and deleted the bottom section.

    Once downloaded let me know and I will remove off my site.

    Cheers Tom

  4. Thanks tom,I like it.I have since re edited this image and did a similar thing.Glad to know I am finally getting this photoshop thing happening.

  5. I have only been using PS for less than a year, taught myself a few things and have stuck by them. Hopefully you could see what I did in the layers.

    Cheers Tom

  6. Hey Mell ,
    Nice shot , really like the boats nice perspective .
    Thanks for the link to my blog all so 🙂

  7. Thanks Kirk.

  8. Great shot Mel.
    I shot the same harbour just last week, very similar tones to this. I may upload it soon although it does look strikingly similar.

  9. That’s a really nice image, Mel. Lovely colours. The nodal ninja is definitely handy tool when it comes to panoramic photography!

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