This is a 7 image stitch done before i got my new nodal ninja pano head.This is my Grandad’s lake that runs along the back of his property.Lost the bottom of the image due to it not stiching very well but I am really looking forward to doing some stuff with my new Ninja!!Got to go Ninja awaits…


~ by Mel on June 5, 2008.

11 Responses to “Lake”

  1. brilliant

  2. I love this shot too Mel. Was it shot early in the morning? Looks like mist in the trees at the back. Black and white adds to the atmosphere too. Looking forward to a photo shoot at Grandad’s lake to try out our ninjas.

  3. Thanks Jayne.Yes it was about 8am and there was a little mist still around.Can’t wait to take you there soon!xx Ninja

  4. Nice shot Mell

  5. Thanks Kirk

  6. Good stuff!
    I have just started getting back into some B&W shots. This shot proves that B&W is still hot!

  7. thanks!

  8. Oh wow!!! I’m speechless.

    Jamie Paterson

  9. Hi Jamie thanks heaps.

  10. Very nice Melissa, the tone works so well with this image.

  11. thanks for stopping past Matt.

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